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MI site Revamp

Aug 31, 2013 / by Creative SixOneEight / In Uncategorized / Comments Off on MI site Revamp

We were hired to tweak their existing website by adding a new language (translation included!), fixing some background issues and programming a new section to showcase and allow downloads of publications.


Below is their original site:

The “Publicaciones” tab was originally linked to an “In Construction” page. We added the necessary coding to have the easiest functionality for our client. They needed something easy to use to upload files and populate the page without having to hire a webmaster to do it and without having to connect via FTP.

The solution was to add a script combining  jquery, java and PHP to achieve the result. The admin users (our client) will use this window to upload and manage its files:

And their clients (the end user) will have access to such files through the “Publicaciones” tab, where he/she will be able to browse and download the different files:


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