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Oct 19, 2012 / by Creative SixOneEight / In Uncategorized / Comments Off on LITEX – UNAM

We were called to update the look and functionality on a website that runs under the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico or UNAM in Spanish) domain as part of a multidisciplinary project that involves historians, experts in literature and technologist dedicated to the development of these channels of information distribution.

— Original page —

The whole idea is to update the look and make the navigation and search more intuitive and aesthetically closer to the main UNAM website, trying to maintain unity throughout.

The new proposal has different colors – similar to those on the main UNAM website -, a cleaner look and clearer options for searching, as well as new pages and more functionality for the site overall.

The new page has the following functions:

  • Register script to access restricted area
  • Login area for feeding info into the database
  • PHP / MySQL database
  • PHP search engine for database
  • PHP document file lister with download/share buttons


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